What is it like to be a SharQuí Instructor?

Tamar Brown

My journey with Raqs Sharqi began with Belly Dance Fitness. As a student and a teacher; this foundation has blessed me with a mind-body awareness in the dance I do not believe I would have developed in the short frame of time I did without the anatomical and physiological background fitness training provided.

 SharQui- The Bellydance Workout is an excellent resource for teachers and dancers alike. I strongly encourage you to experience the Instructor Training Course.



Andrea Aranda

There are so many professional benefits to being a certified SharQui instructor. The Sharqui training provided me with the perfect way to present bellydance to a larger audience. As a SharQui instructor I can hold classes in more venues including gyms and fitness studios. It is the perfect class for people who want a fun way to tone and exercise, or for dancers who want to get the most out of their movements. Also, having the support of Oreet and the SharQui network means I can attract more students as well! If you are a dancer or fitness instructor looking for a way to reach more students, you have to become SharQui certified. It is the next big thing in fitness!




I’ve been teaching Bellydancing classes since 1996 and, while I’ve always tried to have a careful muscularly based method, I was so delighted to add the SharQui technique to create an extra solid anatomical foundation to build safe movement upon. While my “regular” Bellydancing classes delve into the nuanced facets of a complex dance form, many of my students want a work out and are so excited to have the best of what they love from Bellydancing AND fitness. My classes are smiling the whole time, getting fit and feeling fabulous. — Shoshanna, Arcata CA, www.shoshannaland.com



Joanne 2


SharQui – The bellydance workout has done so much for me as well as my students! I have seen them develop from having “two left feet” into excellent dancers, including people who have never danced in their lives. It has been a joy to be able to use the SharQui vehicle to support students in their growth as healthy and happy human beings.  Read more




Before Carol Tandava stepped into Oreet’s SharQuí class back in 2004, she had struggled for years with severe abdominal and back injuries as well as painful internal scarring from surgeries. SharQuí’s rigorous hip and torso drills began to wake up and strengthen muscles she didn’t know she had — and not only did Carol start feeling better physically, she began to see her body differently, and develop a new sense of beauty that was no longer controlled by the narrow standards of popular culture. Read more


As a dancer, the balance and agility that I developed as a SharQui instructor not only makes it easier for me to maintain that connection with my partner but also to respond to acceleration, deceleration or impromptu directional changes. To this day, I am still amazed by how much I owe to the SharQui format. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Read more


The quality of movement is so much more important to me than a huge bag of tricks. All too often I see people progress too quickly, which leads to sloppy dancing – mainly due to an unconditioned body or more likely lack of patience for the process of practice itself. I became  SharQui certified because the format teaches students how to drill.  Drilling forges new pathways in the brain. Read more


I like leading a class that includes breaking down combinations and building on them piece by piece to ultimately reach a full class choreography. SharQui is a nice way of combining traditional belly dance moves with the pace of an aerobics class. Read more



I teach SharQui to women as a way to heal by how we relate with one another. When I tell people what I do there is an amazing response! Teaching belly dance as a workout is such an ice breaking conversation starter! Read more



SharQuí has influenced her life in so many ways. When her thyroid gave out and weight control became a big issue, SharQuí has been there to get her up off her butt and move. When she prepares for a performance, teaching SharQuí classes gives her the fitness level she needs to practice HARD and hone the skills she needs so she can go out on stage and enjoy the performance rather than being stressed. Read more