Instructor Spotlight – Taking SharQui Out Of The Class



Taking SharQui Out Of The Class

When the SharQui format was introduced to her in November 2015, by the late SharQui instructor (may she rest in peace), Joanne Domenici, she was amazed and excited. Years prior she had resolved to teach bellydance to women as a way to heal by how we relate with one another. Luckily for her, the SharQui certification became available online that following February and she began instructing SharQui in March of 2016.

“When I tell people what I do there is an amazing response! Teaching belly dance as a workout is such an ice breaking conversation starter!”, she states. She began selling the idea to everyone she had the chance of taking the conversation further with both women and men.

Many times Stefanie would meet people who were extremely interested in the class (at least in trying it) but there was an obstacle in their path. There was something getting in the way of them trying just one class. Either it was living too far away or having a membership at a different gym. “Gym memberships is one of the biggest obstacles because most don’t want to step into a small studio and take only one class. Yet the the biggest obstacle that affects class attendance is the intimidation factor”, Stefanie says. She feels that students fear competition, ridicule, embarrassment and more, when entering a class setting.

The solution…?? She created a private space simply using her computer with Facebook LIVE and Google hangouts. She calls it In The Midst Dance Club – an online dance club that would allow anyone who desires to learn bellydance and get fit in the comfort of their own home. She has seen women dance in their kitchen, bedroom, living room and hallway.

In The Midst Dance Club (A Facebook group), has over 40 members of roughly eleven of which are active participants. It’s a way to give a free service to all who wish to attend, and give herself another day to teach belly dance – her love.

Her philosophy: If you love dance and desire to do more of it, please don’t allow anything to stop you from living your dream! Where there is a will we will make a way.

You can find out more about her classes here.

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