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My mission is to help people like you get paid to teach and do what they love – and that is to instruct and inspire.


“Up to 100 students per week come to my classes.”

– Sandra Forrer 

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“An excellent way to boost your income and become a better dancer and teacher.” – Charissa Prince-Ferdinand 

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“My classes are smiling the whole time, getting fit and feeling fabulous.”

– Shoshana 

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Oreet - Founder Photo

We offer a suite of programs from educational courses to instructor certification trainings. 

How to Count, Cue & Breakdown 

Teach Bellydance Fitness  

SharQui Instructor Certification Training (required to be a SharQui Group Leader in your area or online)

More info in the course descriptions on the pages menu.

About Oreet

The Founder of The SharQui Workout®

Oreet’s mission is to help you feel good and realize your greatest potential.

Oreet is the creator of SharQuí – The bellydance workout and has been featured in Prevention Magazine, The New York Post, CNN News and NBC Saturday Today among others. Oreet was recently awarded one of the top 100 Leading Moms in Business.

Through her instructor training, classes, and instructional DVDs, SharQuí continues to be the world’s leading bellydance-fitness format. Her message is to empower women and men with Beauty, Power, and Community while reaching their fitness goals.


Oreet - Founder Photo