Instructor Spotlight – Anyone Can Join Her Class



Anyone Can Join Her Class

SharQuí has influenced her life in so many ways. When her thyroid gave out and weight control became a big issue, SharQuí has been there to get her up off her butt and move. When she prepares for a performance, teaching SharQuí classes gives her the fitness level she needs to practice HARD and hone the skills she needs so she can go out on stage and enjoy the performance rather than being stressed.

And then there are her students – those amazing people who show up week after week and those that show up for the first time. They inspire her to give them her best effort every single week. “There are some Saturdays I would rather stay in bed but knowing they are depending on me to show up gets me up and moving”, she admits. “I can be tired, or feeling a little under the weather and these ladies lift me up and make me glad I came”, she happily states.

Her philosophy is that ANYONE can join her class. Her youngest student was almost 2 ½ and the oldest in her 80’s. Bad knees, stroke recovery, hip replacement or expectant mother, all have been in her class and she loves the challenge of helping them find their path to movement. Sandra also enjoys sharing belly dance history, culture and music, but mostly she loves to make her students laugh.

Learning a new skill can be difficult for students and you can see the frustration on their face or in their body language. “I will laugh at myself when I stumble over my words or my feet and try to lessen their self-consciousness. I jiggle when I shimmy and I giggle when I point it out because my goal is to have fun, not be perfect”, Sandra states. Her biggest thrill is that “aha” moment when the movement clicks into place and the student’s face lights up!

*If you are in South San Jose, come check out South Valley Family YMCA (http://www.ymcasv.org/southvalley/) and she will get you a guest pass to her class on Saturday mornings at 11:15.

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