Instructor Spotlight – Subbing And Going All In!




Subbing And Going All In!

Sofia first heard of SharQui when Oreet started teaching class in the Greater Philadelphia area. She had been taking belly dance classes on and off since 2008, and thought SharQui would be a nice way of combining traditional belly dance moves with the pace of an aerobics class. So she started taking classes with Oreet, fell in love with the format, and a year later she decided to get certified. “I didn’t have a plan to start my own class necessarily, but I was available for substituting others’ classes”, Sofia states.

Having taught fitness in the past she felt fairly comfortable leading a class including breaking down combinations and building on them piece by piece to ultimately reach a full class choreography. “My geeky, engineering brain works well in that respect (lol)”, she says.

Now what she didn’t bank on was that strange feeling of teaching the same class in which she’s usually one of the students. And guess whose class she’s usually substituting?! “As if being the student who is teaching her peers isn’t strange enough, imagine that feeling of filling in for Oreet!! Yikes!” she says with a smile.

Sofia feels fortunate that most of her classmates are extremely supportive when she subs. They make her feel comfortable, and she’s extremely grateful that they’ve embraced her teaching when we’re so lucky to have Oreet as our regular instructor. Sofia adds, “There’ll always be that one unhappy student, but I don’t take that personally because I get it….Oreet is our instructor and she is basically the main reason why we are all signed up for THAT particular class and time”.

On the occasions when she’s substituting Oreet’s classes, she defaults to trying to teach the way Oreet would teach, but ultimately she needs to be Sofia. So the takeaway? Always challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and go all in! Sofia says, “Once I get going, the class does flow rather well, and my fitness background ensures that my classes are sweat-inducing and are sure to give you some serious calorie burn”.

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