Keeping Students Happy


Keeping Students Happy


Is there a secret to keeping students happy?


The answer is “YES!”


And it all boils down to one simple idea…


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Dude, you can’t make everyone happy. When teaching, focus on making the right people happy.


So here’s what I mean…If you’re teaching to a mature crowd, they may value the music at a lower volume and more movement modifications. If you’re teaching to a younger crowd, they value loud, pumping music and some sizzling moves.


See, the key is to know who you’re teaching to and speak their language.


You might think, “Well duh, that’s kind of obvious, no?”


And you’re right. Yet it’s so simple that most instructors miss the friggin point. They fail to target the right people and then their class suffers.


By speaking their language and cultivating relationships with right people first, will then help bring in new people and retain the students you already have.


If they like you, they talk about you.




Instruct & Inspire,


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