The Beauty of Screwing Up


The Beauty of Screwing Up


One of the most powerful things we can do is share.


Our mistakes. Our victories. Our demons. Our two-cents. Our meals. Our stories. It creates a doorway for others to walk through and shout, “Hey, me too!” The result is not only feeling less alone, but also inspired to take action and continue to persevere.


We can really be mean to ourselves – especially when it comes to screwing up. And when it comes to screwing up while teaching, I can get damn, straight down about it.


Let me set the stage for you…


I introduce a new movement or routine and it fails, flops, crashes and burns. Or I forget movements due to multiple brain farts. Yep, it happens to the best of us! (too often sometimes)


So after brushing myself off, I get right back to it (holding back the shame) with these 2 truth smacks learned.


Truth smack #1: Congratulations! You tried something new! You got the idea out of your head and in front of your students. Most people will never make it that far because they are too afraid of their own greatness. But not you! You are to be commended for trying and reaching.


Truth smack #2: Get out there and do it again. Yep, take the time to grieve. Get a massage, lick your wounds and be bummed. But most importantly, forgive yourself. Take the truth smacks and set an excellent example for your students and professionals in class by trying again. (yes I do have pro instructors, pro dancers, and SharQui instructors in my class – nerve racking)


See, in looking for the beauty in a less than stellar instruction, you start to become an instructor who is aware and seasoned. Oh and by the way, simply standing in front of a room of people is a figgin act of greatness (write it down, better yet…shout it from the roof tops, baby!)


Does this help? Let me know about your most recent class you taught and screwed up.


Instruct & Inspire,


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