My Loving Rant


My Loving Rant


Hey there instructor,


I need to be real with you for a moment. So I’ll be totally saying it like it is, ok?


The only way to make this SharQui thing a reality is to go ALL IN.


To fully commit.


That means making choices that will push you past your comfort zone time and time again.


So now that you’re SharQui certified, you now have a business. Dude, you’re an entrepreneur! But don’t expect the students and money to come flying.


You still have to do the work.


You’re building your business, so put in the time. Take full responsibility for your knowledge, improving your skills and your success.


You’ve got to own it!


It kills me when someone has passed the training and joined CREW where I provide you the choreography and training videos, and then that person doesn’t practice or take action, and then complain they’re not good at it or not making money from it.


Well why would you expect to make money if you’re not doing anything?

Do yourself a favor and show up for yourself at least 1-2 hours per work to learn new business strategies and to practice. You’ve got all these resources in CREW and the SharQui CREW FB group.


Now here’s the ka-ka part, or good part for some of you. Once you get good and are successful, you can’t lead with the product anymore. There are far too many people teaching dance fitness out there so you need to really differentiate yourself.


And that’s leading with YOU.


People have to fall in love with you so that they want to do what you’re doing. When you’re an example of what SharQui can do for you, whether it’s in terms of your health, your radiance, your creativity, your body or your happiness…people will just be attracted to you. This is so important and it’s going to take time.


Do you know what makes you unique? Maybe you’re thinking…like is that even a thing, do people even care?


They do.


And that’s what I encourage you to figure out once you have this teaching thing down. There’s a lot of effort and study put in at first, and those are the instructors that do it right – without the expectation in the beginning.


Did you know that it takes 3-4 years for a small business to make a profit? But those who join a format like SharQui can make money and a return on their investment way quicker! I mean, where else can you start a business for $500 (training and CREW fee), carry no product, no investors, and don’t need to go to the bank to show a business plan. Do you feel me??


But nonetheless it takes a determination.


I want to leave you with this…


Where you are right now, no matter if you are just starting out or if you’re starting again for the 5th, 6th or 7th time, you are exactly where you need to be.


When I look back at all the choices I made when it came to my teaching and growing my teaching biz, if any one of those choices were different, I might not be where I am today; growing a business I love and inspiring others.


So keep making decisions that move you forward, take action, and realize that you don’t have to have it all figured out. That’s why my team and I are here for you. To make it easier for you.


I encourage everyone to join the 30-Day Marketing Makeover so that we can kick ass on International SharQui Workout Day. (details to come)


Let’s all be in this together!


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