Plant, Water, Grow


Plant, Water, Grow


I was at a fitness conference this past weekend in Philly. Saw a lot of old NYC faces that came down for the event and met new ones as well. I sat down over coffee (love my cawfeee) with my past fitness director from Gold’s Gym NYC and she shared with me that she’s tried to launch her own creation on her own for about 2 to 3 years, but it never gained momentum. So she threw in the towel, gave up on having her own biz and simply maintained her fitness director status at her gym. She was super impressed with SharQui’s staying power and how much I grew the company since the inception way back in NYC. She wondered how I was able to stay in it for this long to build my community and my business.


Well if there’s one thing I’ve noticed over the years that no one seems to want to hear is this…


It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s slow. It needs trust.


Big companies think they can throw money at it. Small companies think they can throw business cards at it. But here’s the common thread…


It takes time. It takes patience. It takes marketing your ass off.


So plant the seeds, water them, and pour your brightness all over the place.


It will flourish. Pinky promise.



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