You Can Do Hard Things




You Can Do Hard Things


So in the past year I’ve had quite a few emails sent from newly certified instructors.  In order to help all of you, I have included the questions and my answers below.  Those of you who’ve been certfied for a while, this may help as well.  Enjoy!


Question: I passed the ONLINE SharQui Instructor Training 6 months ago (Yay!) but I am not perfect yet. I don’t want to screw up when I audition or when I have a steady class. I’m busy as hell, and I feel there’s so much more practicing and perfecting to do. I’m totally overwhelmed and afraid I’m going fail.

Answer: So, there is so much more practicing and you’re overwhelmed. Ok, so I’m wondering if you’re spending more time practicing than you are doing. It’s a common thing that happens. So, what I’d like to say is you want to tip the scale so that you’re taking more action than you are spending time practicing because the best clarity comes through action. You can learn and practice until you’re blue in the face, but at the end of the day, you have to implement it, try it, test it, tweak it, figure out what worked and didn’t work. And that means mistakes are necessary because that’s the only way to learn. Look you can’t runaway from teaching…cuz what’s the point of getting certified in the first place?

I would say make sure your ratio is about 70% taking action, and 30% practicing. As you get better and gain more confidence then tip it even more. So, I’m not saying you should ever stop learning and practicing, but learning is in the action; practicing is in the action. You’re going to get the best lessons out of action.


Question: I’m absolutely loving the ONLINE SharQui Instructor Training. Teaching the SharQui format gives me so much inspiration, it keeps me going, and I keep trying. But it’s tough when it feels hard. My question is how did you keep moving forward even when things felt challenging in the beginning. What made you not give up when it was so hard?

Answer: Good question. My answer to that, and I said this in my class recently, is that you can do hard things. So, something being hard or challenging is not a bad thing. We sometimes have to reframe the way that we think about the word challenge or the phrase, “This is hard.” Because hard is usually where the magic happens. The magic is when you get through it. So, that’s why I like to remind myself that I’m capable of doing hard things, and so are you. Believe me…I do so many hard things such as my business and being a mom.

I’m sure you’ve done hard things in other areas of your life. If not, then take risks. The more you do it the more you’ll enjoy it.

So what I am saying is it’s ok! And let this hard thing light a fire under your ass. So, that’s my answer. You can do hard things. I can do them, you can do them, and you got this!

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