When It’s “Not So Great”


When It’s “Not So Great”


On your teaching path there are going to be highs and lows. Classes where you feel like you crushed it and others, not so much.  

Then these negative thoughts begin to pop up in your head that just get you all crazy about whether your teaching skills are really up to par.

Rest assured. You’re not alone. Instructors at every stage of their career have these struggles at one point or another. And believe it or not, the higher you start to climb, the louder those thoughts may get.


I have a simple yet powerful exercise…


First, Acknowledge the negative thought of I suck, I lost my mojo, people don’t like me or my class…fill in the blank.

Then either validate or disprove the negative thought by asking yourself the following…

  • Did I do my best?
  • What more could I have done?
  • Was I able to satisfy most of the students?
  • Is this negative thought true because someone said something and does it even matter what they think?


Look, overcoming negative thoughts is a lifelong practice. You may experience a positive result the very first time you try it. I can almost guarantee that the thought will come back to haunt you later.


If you start to put this process into practice, I guarantee you’ll see a mental shift.


Onward and upward baby!


1 thought on “When It’s “Not So Great””

  1. Rachel Westlake

    Great strategy to quiet the inner voice that accuses us of inadequacy! Thanks for the tip!

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