The Mindset of Successful Instructors



The Mindset of Successful Instructors 


Have you ever looked at another instructor and been a tad bit jealous?


Or you thought, “Why is that instructor doing better than me?”


I bet we all have at some point. I definitely have.


It’s easy to assume they’re successful simply because of luck or whom they know. But the truth is, every successful instructor I know has certain things in common – and these things have nothing to do with luck.


It’s ALL about mindset.


Here are 2 truth smacks around mindset that outrageously successful instructors do.


Truth Smack #1: They don’t have fear of failure.

When I first started teaching I was always worried about screwing up or if my students even liked me. (Guess what, people can feel your fear.) Because of this fear they couldn’t trust my ability and my classes were never full.


When I flipped the story around to “I am awesome, dammit,” made a huge difference! Ever since that mind shift my classes grew and students wanted to be in my world (like all the time)!


Hey…fear of failure doesn’t stop successful teachers because they’ve failed. Failure is a lesson, and success is that lesson, applied. Feel the fear, flip the story, and do it anyway. Boom.


Truth Smack #2: They don’t get affected.

They don’t listen to the negative criticism from students as well as naysayers around them.

Having a thick skin is tough, I know. But it’s necessary.


I started my teaching career in NYC and as we all know, New Yorkers are the toughest critics. Dude, I learned pretty fast that you can’t please everyone so what I needed to do was learn to decipher what was constructive criticism vs. negative (or even destructive) criticism. Once I learned this, oh boy, did my self-esteem sky rocket! I was able to use the constructive to grow as an instructor and learned to ignore the negative (or the destructive). Not only did my class size grow but I was able to retain students for years!


So…be open, listen, decipher, and always have a smile on your face.



I would love to know…how do these truth smacks resonate with you? Comment below, shoot me an email or let’s tawk (sorry, from New Yawk) about it on FB!


P.S. (Next month I will be talking about the practical advice that you can implement. Stay tuned!)

6 thoughts on “The Mindset of Successful Instructors”

  1. That just hit home. I have two students that are always in the front and I can catch their talking or whispering. I used to get thrown off because I thought they didn’t like the move or me. It would really bother me. The next class I said Iam just going to ignore them and keep it moving, it is hard but I have to do and keep my positive energy up. They still do it but I now just make my smile bigger and kick up my energy and they stop.

  2. Oreet

    So glad that this hit home for you. Another thought is to let them know that there is no talking in class. Another thing that I do when people talk in my class is I ask, “Do you have a question?”. They immediately get the hint.

  3. Rachel Coleman

    This resonates with me – whenever I do demos around town, there is always a group that I feel is laughing at me, and it always throws me off my game. I go home feeling self-conscious and Wondering what I could have done better (more upbeat music,more “impressive” moves, more sparkles on my clothing, etc). I am still struggling with this concept.

  4. Oreet

    Yes I know how you feel. Most of the time when people whisper or talk just know it’s their own insecurity. Either they feel like they cant get the move or they feel uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Christina Abrams

    I’ve been an instructor at work (not in dance) and I have felt all of this, including not feeling worthy because of not having advanced levels of education etc. The key for me was to push through those feelings. I fought my own negativity to keep doing the work and the classes and then I was able to block out the feeling of failure and the criticism from the very few. And also discovered that those few critics were actually trying to sabotage the class due to their own character issues – not because of me or my ability. I became a favorite trainer with a following that carried me to my next work site.

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