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Do It


A few years ago I decided that I needed to participate in a business mastermind so that I could network and bounce ideas around with smart people, and learn how to bring SharQui and my teaching biz to the next level. I also had a business coach. I took private lessons and workshops, and my Kindle was stuffed with books on business, marketing, sales, etc.


Do you think I had any time to actually run my teaching biz? Not really. Although my calendar was crammed to the max, I wasn’t progressing towards any of my goals. Whyyyy?


 I eventually realized I was learning all the time and wasn’t leaving myself any time to put it into action.


This is a pattern that I see all the time.


I know people who’ve passed the SharQui Instructor Training – continue practicing – but never actually do any teaching. I’ve known dancers take months to prepare for a bellydance competition – and never register for a competition.


Look, learning is excellent. Never stop learning. But we’ve got to make sure the ratio of learning vs. doing is tipped in favor of doing.


Doing means reaching out and setting up coffee dates with people you want to network with. Doing means pitching yourself to teach at a studio or club. Doing means hunkering down to write your damn book.


It’s easy to stay in learning-mode because learning isn’t as scary as doing. Learning can feel “productive” even though you’re not technically producing anything. But doing is a whole ‘nother story! Doing means vulnerability. Doing means facing our fears and insecurities and making sh*t happen. Besides, the most valuable lessons often come from doing. We learn priceless lessons by experimenting, launching, refining, and then trying again.


It’s scary, at times. But as Amelia Earhart once said, “The most effective way to do it… is to do it.”


That’s it.



Now I would love to hear what you’ve wanted to do. Or tell me what you’ve done!

2 thoughts on “Do It”

  1. Thank you for this! Learning IS great, but it so often masks impostor syndrome. “If I just learn one more thing, then I’ll know enough/be good enough/be ready. Ooh, look, there’s another thing I need to learn. Okay, once I know that I’ll be ready. Right now I’m not enough.”

    Having a mentor is incredibly helpful. Having the accountability and inspiration of a mastermind group helps a lot too. But the best growth I see in my business comes from the times I learn by doing. One little step at a time. Leaning on those resources, yes, learning as much as I can from them, yes, but not using them as a delay tactic to keep me from having to stick my neck out and do the thing.

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