Hey there teaching pro. So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet (or not so sweet).


It’s important as an instructor to focus on the positive and do the RIGHT things. However, it’s also important to understand what NOT to do.


In my teaching career, I’ve seen and heard it all – and must admit I did some stupid sh*t too (in my early years, of course).


So, based on what I’ve seen, heard (and done), I feel compelled to let you know my 5 truth smacks, so that it doesn’t hurt your teaching career.


Truth Smack #1: Stop focusing on other instructors. If you focus on them, how can you focus on building YOU?


Truth Smack #2: Don’t focus on other instructors’ incorrect technique. Seriously, is it that important? Do what you know is correct, and let them do what they want. Cool?


Truth Smack #3: Stop worrying about instructors stealing your students. It’s similar to saying, “Someone stole my boyfriend”. Ugh! Nobody can steal your students. THEY JUST WANTED TO LEAVE. Maybe it’s because you didn’t do your job. Who knows! Regardless, nobody is taking students from you. They most likely left because you didn’t offer enough value. BOOM!


Truth Smack #4: Focusing on YOU. Of course you need to promote yourself – that’s part of the process. However, you need to focus on the success of your students. It’s not about your outfit, or how fabulous you dance, or your… whatever! Capiche?


Truth Smack #5: Focusing on stupid sh*t. I’d like to say it more eloquently, but it’s the truth, and it’s how I roll. Think about people who focus on stupid sh*t. Are they happy? Are they fulfilled? Are they a leader? Successful people focus on what matters, and what moves the needle the furthest. So, leave it to the amateurs to focus on stupid sh*t. Got it?


Thanks for letting me be honest with you. As fitness and dance pros, we know anything that is sugar coated isn’t good for you! LOL!


I must say…success looks fab on you my friend!


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