No One Showed Up!

No One Showed Up!


It’s the moment that terrorizes instructors more than anything else.


You know the moment. It’s this one:


It’s 10 minutes past and no one f**ing showed up!


Teaching is an emotional rollercoaster ride. It’s easy to get swept up. At times you think wow this is great, people are coming, and then the attendance dwindles for weeks at a time. And then you go from so ecstatic to my life is over.


I can totally relate. Even 15 years into running my own business, I still get sporadic attendance, just like anybody else. (Just ask my hubby—he gets to witness my occasional “But whhhhyyyy???” meltdowns firsthand!)


Here’s a hint, you probably shouldn’t take most of it personally. So when you mind starts racing into panic-mode, try shifting your perspective. Remind yourself that no matter what happens—whether you get 3 students or 300—this is just one small moment in the story of your teaching career.


So the next time you feel panic coming on, these 4 truth smacks may help:


Truth Smack # 1: It’s important to prep yourself.

I like to use the goal system of Satisfied, Very Satisfied and Extremely Satisfied. So pretty much it’s like this…based on the facility and the room size your Extremely Satisfied goal could be 15 students, your Very Satisfied goal could be 10 students, and Satisfied goal could be 5 students. Now why try this goal system? Because it shows that goals are not static. Look things are going to happen and there are different variables; but by mentally preparing that it won’t always be perfect and that there a various goals you can reach for, will not likely get you disappointed.


Truth Smack #2: You’re not alone.

Point to any instructor that you admire, and I can promise you, they’ve had at least one huge, depressing, soul-crushing disaster. At some point or another, these types of experiences happen to everyone. And seriously, I mean everyone.


Truth Smack #3: You’re not an idiot. You’re actually brave.

Most people dream about writing a book, opening a restaurant, or working for themselves, but never move forward. But you’re different. You actually learned how to do something and you’re ready to teach it to the world. No matter what happens next, you’re not a failure. You’re an inspiration.


Truth Smack #4: No matter what happens, you’ll learn from this.

Every moment like this can provide you with valuable information that you can use to make your teaching business even better. It forces you to rethink about your marketing content, where you’re marketing, or even how you taught the previous week. There’s no shortcut. You’ve got to try, fail, refine, and try again.


So to wrap up, having no one f**ing show up isn’t just okay – it’s necessary! It means you’re actually trying – and there’s nothing more beautiful than that.


Shake it Sista,


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