How To Teach Your First Class


How To Teach Your First Class


You earned the certification or received the blessing to begin teaching, but for whatever reason, you couldn’t. You’ve practiced the cueing, the movement, the breakdown and the routine (with a few blips), but still couldn’t get your ass in gear to teach an official class.


Well it all comes down to this…we’re really mean to ourselves.


If you had to meet someone somewhere, but you knew when you got there the person you’re meeting was going to berate and discourage you the whole time, would you be psyched about going? Would you even go? I doubt it. That’s the same when we’re we’re hard on ourselves after we teach. We avoid it because we don’t want to deal with the inevitable abuse. And why would we?


You deserve to be Certified. You deserve to Teach.


So, here are 5 truth smacks to help you move through the harsh self-judgment and into personal empowerment:


Truth Smack #1: Ask for support. Invite your friends to your class so that you actually follow through.


Truth Smack #2: Declare when you’re stuck. What makes a stuck person stuck-er, is believing you’re in this alone. Simply telling people, “I’m having a hard time with this right now”, immediately creates connection and freedom.


Truth Smack #3: Look for yourself to be great. When you look for evidence of how much you suck, you’ll find it. Did you know that simply standing in front of a room of people is an act of greatness. There, I gave you one. Write it down, shout it from the friggin rooftops!


Truth Smack #4: Don’t make yourself wrong. If you flake on teaching, don’t beat yourself up. Whatever happens when it comes to teaching your first class, is what the process is all about. It’s not the wrong process; it’s your process. See every reaction and speed bump as “right;” as essential to your process ang getting you where you need to be.


Truth Smack #5: Cue the Nike slogan… “Just do it.” Or Oreet’s version…“Just f-n do it.” You’ll be glad you did.



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