Top 3 Facts That Successful Instructors Do


Top 3 Facts That Successful Instructors Do


This is part 2 of what successful instructors do to become or stay successful. If you haven’t read part 1 one yet, read here.


Last month it was all about mindset. This month it’s practical advice and putting it to action.


Here are my top 3 truth smacks that outrageously successful instructors do.


Truth Smack #1:  Lead with yourself, not the brand.

Ultimately people come to see you, not the brand. So who are you as a teacher?

It took me a long time to realize this. I thought people kept coming because they wanted to learn bellydance while getting a workout. Yet I realized it wasn’t just that. It was the experience I was giving them. They loved the workout, the attention I was giving them, and the community they were experiencing.

The brand is what brings them in initially, but YOU the teacher, is what keeps them coming!


Truth Smack #2:  Practice is key.

When you think you have it down, practice even more. Practice so that you can do it backwards, sideways, forward and in your sleep.

In the beginning of my teaching career I used to go to sleep with my headphones with 32-count fitness music playing. I was determined to feel the 8-count phrase and the beat. Because of this I’m able to breakdown, correct and drill without getting off the beat. Now I have come to realize that my students REALLY appreciate this and I’m known as the teacher that always keeps the class moving because of it.


Truth Smack #3:  Invest in learning.

Never stop being a student. There’s so much more to learn.

I learn something in every class I take. Whether it’s dance, yoga, pole dance, or a business class. Sometimes I hear an amazing cue, learn a new movement, feel something deeper in my body than I ever have, make a friend, hear something that makes me laugh, or realize something that helps me be a better teacher and person.

So go and continue learning!


Now it’s your turn. I would love to know which one of these truth smacks resonate with you the most!

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  1. Christina Abrams

    These are so key!!! Such great reminders that are needed as I am learning the program.

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