The One Thing That Could be Holding You Back


The One Thing That Could be Holding You Back


Spring is here…YAS! Happy Spring to you.

For me, spring brings new growth. As I continue to learn and grow both professionally and personally, I would love to distill down the wisdom and lessons that I learned on my own path. And this is what this blog post is dedicated to.

As some of you may know (or not know), the seed of my business was planted in 1998 and finally hung up my shingle became incorporated in 2002 and stayed in this game and figured stuff out. I have seen a lot of fitness and dance formats come and go. Yep, a lot. And I’ve coached both new as well as seasoned instructors who want to expand and grow – so I’ve seen it all. But there is this one important component that keeps creeping back that holds both potential and current instructors from growing their teaching career.


And that is…confidence!


This component is super important because being confident is likely the most important aspect of success.


Why is this likely the most important aspect?

See, when you lack confidence in your abilities, you ask the wrong questions. It has you asking questions like:

  • What if I look nervous?
  • What if I forget the choreography?
  • What if “they” think I’m a fraud?
  • What if they don’t love me?
  • What if a fail?

Think for a moment. How can those questions put you in a position of authority or leadership?

So I’ve compiled 4 truth smacks that may be holding you back in instructing and helping more people.


So how do you become more confident…?


Truth smack #1: Stay far away from those who don’t support you (this can even mean family too), and surround yourself with positive people who believe in you.

Truth smack #2: Don’t compare yourself to others who are further along (and more invested), and then feel like crap because you’re not achieving the same level of success. Then you just try to copy them. It never works.

Truth smack #3: Do something for yourself that gives you a mental boost. Like meditating, listening to music or reading a book. Whatever rolls with you.

Truth smack #4: Practice gratitude. Being thankful for what you have learned, the people you have met in the process, the opportunity that you are about to embark, etc. There is endless evidence that shows practicing gratitude makes you happier, more fulfilled and in turn, more confident.


Side note: Be careful of focusing on motivation, as both confidence and motivation are 2 different things. You are totally motivated which is why you became certified or have the desire to teach in the first place. #2 above will give you the clarity on how to use your motivation. Got it?

You are filled with potential and the world is waiting for you to share your creativity, insight and beauty.


Your time is now beautiful!


Instruct & Inspire,


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