Rinse & Repeat


Rinse & Repeat

Back in the day of my early teaching days, I had this fear of my students getting bored. And believe me, my students would let me know.  New Yawwkas…need I say more?!

So every week I always created a new routine.  I worked hard on it spending several hours, and to be honest, for what I was getting paid, all that work was not worth it.

Yet, what I realized was all the new weekly routines was actually doing a disservice to my students as it took them the entire class to finally feel comfortable with the routine.

So, I repeated the routine next week and sometimes the 3rd week, and with new music. They loved it!

What I learned was that not only did my students need the repetition, but I was discovering things I didn’t the first time, like better breakdowns and different ways to say cues. Repetition helped me work my way to teaching better.

So, it bears repeating:

Repeat yourself.

For your students as well as yourself.



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