Challenging Moments




Challenging Moments


I want to talk to you about mistakes, member challenges and embarrassing moments, and how they’re great for growth. I’ve had situations where I’ve fallen in class, had urgent bathrooms calls, forgot the moves, forgot the music, and even those days where I didn’t feel like teaching. But if learned anything from those situations, I’ve learned those were the times that I’ve grown the most. They helped me to become stronger, more resilient, and think quicker on my feet, which in turn made me a better instructor.

Instead of just hearing it from me, I reached out to a few SharQui Instructors and asked them to share challenging moments they faced and what they learned. 

Some of them are embarrassing, some are funny, and some will tug at your heart, but what they all teach us is that we’re not alone and these are great learning moments.



Andrea Aranda of San Francisco had a learned to plan beforehand…

 “I’ve learned about having smooth transitions between blocks the hard way. There have been times when I’d planned what I thought was a great routine for the class and then I would practice each block separately. I don’t remember the specific movements but there have been times when I would try to teach the whole routine and one block would not blend into the next without a bunch of foot fumbling! I had to reassess the footwork right there and figure it out for the students. I’ve learned to plan the transitions and make them smooth as part of creating my routines as well. Before I present a new routine I still tell my students “It’s a learning curve for all of us! You’re doing it for the first time and I’m teaching it for the first time so we’re all learning together.”


Holly Rudin Braschi of Hawaii learned that smiling keeps you going…

“After years of teaching dance fitness, I have learned that there are only choreography mistakes if you let your students know you made one. I just keep going, talk over it and they keep following because in a class, students are looking to the next move and not going back. And I keep smiling no matter what.”


Sandra Forrer of Northern California learned that technology can fail…

“I have had my tablet die in class. Pandora was my savior. Not the belly dance station but a Bollywood workout feed was upbeat enough to carry us through. Now I have music on both my phone AND tablet.”


Laura Petersen learned to disguise it…

“I’ve gotten sick to my stomach and had to excuse myself and run out for a moment. Water break for the students lol.”


Marisa Guastella of New Jersey learned to love…

“I’ve totally had people leave on me when they found out I was subbing. There were also times when my music died and times when I gave wrong cues. What I learned is that I need to be compassionate. This job takes a real love of everything human. Including ourselves.”


And as for me, I learned to always keep my language skills up…

“I subbed a senior fitness class in NYC 20 years ago at a community center on the lower east side and immigrants from the Domincan Republic resided there at that time.  The specific class that I subbed turned out to have brand new seniors who just moved to NYC and did not know a word of english yet.  Although I had learned spanish for 6 years in school, it’s another animal actually using it to teach. I totally struggled and used a lot of visual cueing. The group still had fun and they were very appreciative, but I’ll never forget the sweat pouring down my face and my mind working overtime. Lesson? Be thankful and proud AND to always brush up on my spanish – you’ll never know when you’ll need it!”


So as you can see, life can be umpredictable but it’s what we do with those moments that matter. The SharQui program teaches you all the tricks so that you can be flexible, think on your feet and be able to solve problems in the moment – and just keep going.  Apply now to see if you qualify to be the next SharQui group leader in your town.

So keep doing what you love and loving what you do.

Instruct & Inspire,


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