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Are You Bridging the Gap?


Are You Bridging The Gap?

There’s a unique skill set needed to be a great Bellydance teacher. And there’s a unique skill set needed to be a great SharQui instructor. It’s interesting to see where they overlap and where they don’t.

If you want to build a robust SharQui business that appeals to a diverse population, make sure to constantly improve the essential SharQui skills. Work continuously to truly master the SharQui System of Instruction. Those exact skills are what set your classes apart from everything else on the market.

So ask yourself…are you bridging the gap between bellydance and fitness?



  1. I think it’s a good idea to bridge the gap.
    I remember seeing women especially older ones being disappointed because they couldn’t keep up or couldn’t do the steps.

  2. Oreet

    So glad that you feel it’s a good idea!

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