Not-So-Scary Social Media Workshop

Do you feel like you don’t need social media for your business?

Is it because social media feels like a beast to tame so you avoid it?

Like it or not, if you have a business, you need to have social media.

For some, utilizing social media is like second nature. For most, it’s almost too much especially when you know you have to consistently show up and create content.

Ariyana is going to show you a not-so-scary approach to using social media for your business with tips, templates, prompts, and more! Creating a base to build on will set you up for success with your social media strategy!


About your instructor:

Ariyana is an Egyptian Dance Artist and full time virtual assistant and social media manager based in Honolulu, HI. She began her work-from-home business in 2016 due to becoming a stay at home parent to twins. In 2020, the pandemic was a catalyst that inspired her to dive in head first with social media, learning about how to get her face and mission out there with educational, fun content consistently. Ariyana not only works with bellydancers, but medical professionals, website designers, and coaches to help them refine their graphics, create content, and engage their audience. She loves social media, and enjoys helping people find a creative voice through this alternative medium for art in the digital age.



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