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Marisa Barcia – July 2016


Born and raised in NY, Marisa Guastella- Barcia entered into the arts at the age of 8, studying for over 32 years, teaching for 20. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Performance as a Classical Guitarist from Hofstra University; studying performance with William Zito and music theory under composer Chandler Carter. She settled in NJ in 1999, where she resides today with her husband and 2 children. After having children and needing to lose 100 pounds, her focus on movement and fitness brought her to her love of dance. Marisa claims dance was the next logical progression of her journey in the performing arts. With her musical background and analytical nature, she was taken by the study of movement in her body and new found level of fitness. She holds a SharQui Belly Dance workout and Level 2 Masala Bhangra Certification. In July 2016 she will obtain her NIA White Belt. A full time marketing and program director for the Garfield YMCA, an advocate for children and wellness, public speaker, Jungian Psychology and Alexender Technique lover, and creative writer, there’s little to no down time for her. Her platform for teaching is called, “Heart Art.” All of her students; private and group, dancers and musicians enter into the realm of Heart Art.  Writing samples and background can be found in her blog:
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Carol Tandava Henning – October 2016


814068362_dyvy5-lCarol Tandava Henning has worked on and around theatre stages as an actor, director, writer, producer, bellydancer, theatrical improviser, and stand-up comic. She began to bellydance in 2004 in Oreet’s SharQui class to recover from a debilitating abdominal and spinal injury and has been devoted to the art form ever since. She supplements her movement studies with meditative dance with stage combat/martial arts (she holds a GoJu Ryu Karate 5th Kyu Green Belt), Bollywood, contact improv, and mime. She is the artistic director of Tandava Arts, which presents theatrical work that is is strongly influenced by Joseph Campbell, Jungian psychology, and archetypal principals. As a longtime member of the Jung Foundation’s Analytical Psychology Club, Tandava actively applies archetypal principles to her work. She is also a Moth StorySlam Champion and actively tours her one-woman show, Blood on the Veil: A Bellydancer’s Journey, throughout the US. Go to for information.

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