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Add SharQui’s 5 Senses Parties to your suite of services! Five Senses is an inspiring “party” to help those who are new to bellydance to connect, expand, and play with a new kind of wellness experience. It’s about going into your body and exploring and understanding. Know that before you do a hip shimmy, the hips are just moving side-side; before you do a shoulder shimmy, the shoulders are simply shaking; and before you do a snake arm, the arms just go up and down. This is the foundation of the movement before they get into your classes so that they have a better understanding of their body at a basic level. Then when they enter your bellydance and workout classes, their bodies will understand it when technique is applied. They will also leave with a greater sense of social connection, self-confidence, and appreciation for their bodies.

Look, parties pay so much better than most classes at the gym…am I right? They are fun to lead and people are always looking for a new way to spice up an event.  But, it can be difficult to create the perfect format, and figuring it out can be painful for both you and your guests. That’s why the SharQui leadership team decided to step in.

Here are the benefits to adding SharQui Parties to your offerings:

  • You can net (take home) between $100-$250 per event
  • It drives new students into your regular classes
  • You’ll stay busy during the slower seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s
  • Year-round appeal for birthdays, wedding season, Mother’s Day, Valentines and team building
  • It’s suitable in a wider variety of venues than just dance studios and gyms

Exactly what does this training course entail?
It is a 1.5-hour course that takes you through each part of the experience and goes over motivational verbiage, pre-choreographed movements a routine as well as music. It will include how leading a class is different than leading a party, like the set up and basics of getting the word out, how to get people comfortable, how to entertain, and especially how to tailor the event to the celebration that people are there for. The sequence of the experience is as follows:

  • Sight – a short bellydance/veil dance by host
  • Smell – an intention circle w/aromatic scents
  • Feel – a dance and veil experience
  • Hear – an ankle bell experience
  • Taste – closing circle w/tea

Thank you for allowing me to be your coach!