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The Joanne Domenici Memorial Award (value $850)

(Submissions are excepeted ONLY in December 1- 25 of every year for the January training)

This award is a tribute to the beautiful, Joanne Domenici.  Joanne was a devoted instructor and member of the SharQui family since 2011 and was an inspiration to all who knew her.  She loved to dance, loved to teach and loved to mentor.  This need-based award will go to a recipient who exudes these same qualities in hopes to impact women and men with the same beauty, fitness and community as Joanne Domenici did.


The recipient of this award will receive:  

 To be considered you will need to do the following:

  • [VIDEO] Upload a 90 second or less video telling us why you should be the recipient of the award.  There is NO wrong way to do this.  We simply want to see who YOU are!   Videos that are 91 seconds and more will NOT be considered.  First ask to join  the SharQui – The bellydance workout FB group,, and post your video there.  

Add this title description and hashtags:

  • [TITLE] ONLINE SharQui Instructor Training:  My award application
  • [DESCRIPTION] I’m applying for the Joanne Domenici Memorial Award, and this is why I’m a perfect match for the ONLINE SharQui Instructor Training.  
  • [HASHTAGS]  #sharqui, #bellydancebusinessacademy, #bellydancefitness, #shakeyourbeauty

We will announce the winner on January 1st!  Good Luck!