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I am thrilled you are interested in learning more about the Online SharQuí Instructor Training.

My mission is to help people like you get paid to teach and do what they love – and that is to instruct and inspire.

Whether you are currently an instructor or someone who hasn’t taught yet, I give you the tools you need to succeed to build your teaching skills, your classes and your business.

After successfully empowering hundreds of people to reach their greatest potential, my deepest hope is that I can do the same for you.

Instruct & Inspire,

Oreet - Founder Photo

What Will I Learn?

When you are making an investment in yourself, it’s important to know what you’re getting. This the fabulous and comprehensive curriculum you will experience.

Module 1: Getting Started with Music, Counts & Blocks

  • Traditional Music vs. Fitness Music
  • Counting Fitness Music
  • What is Block?
  • Quiz

Module 2: Getting Started with Principles & System

  • Getting into Correct Posture
  • The Rules of Isolation
  • SharQui System of Instruction (SSI)
  • Quiz

Module 3: SharQuí Movement Vocabulary

  • Stationary Movements
  • Traveling Movements
  • Quiz

Module 4: ShaQuí Class Design

  • Introduction
  • Warm-up
  • Routine
  • Cool-Down
  • Quiz

Module 5: Tools for Teaching SharQuí

  • Cueing Effectively
  • Holding Patterns
  • Lead Leg Change
  • Memorization using Directional Changes
  • Correcting & Modifications
  • Quiz

Module 6: Now it’s Your Turn!

  • Sample Choreography
  • Choreography Worksheet

Module 7: The Practical Exam

  • What to Prepare

Module 8: The Next Steps to Completing your SharQuí Certification

About Oreet

The Founder of The SharQui Workout®

Oreet’s mission is to help you feel good and realize your greatest potential.

Oreet is the creator of SharQuí – The bellydance workout and has been featured in Prevention Magazine, The New York Post, CNN News and NBC Saturday Today among others. Oreet was recently awarded one of the top 100 Leading Moms in Business.

Through her instructor training, classes, and instructional DVDs, SharQuí continues to be the world’s leading bellydance-fitness format. Her message is to empower women and men with Beauty, Power, and Community while reaching their fitness goals.


Oreet - Founder Photo