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We offer a suite of programs from educational courses to business membership


How to Count, Cue & Breakdown

This self-study course is for those who want to develop their ear, have better, and get their feet wet with teaching bellydance fitness. You will learn the 3 crucial components that differentiate a bellydance fitness class from a traditional bellydance class. This course is great if you are thinking about teaching a fitness-based class or if you currently teach dance and want to learn the fundamentals of teaching fitness. This course is located on Bellydance Business Academy. Open to all. Register Here.

Teach Bellydance Fitness

Become stronger, get in shape, develop your ear, create a balanced class and become a better choreographer with this well-rounded, self-study course. It will help turn your current class or personal practice into a more effective workout. Enhance your own style of teaching and become more marketable. Open to all. Info Here.

SharQui Group Leader Certification

This robust program is for the person with personal or professional wellness and motivational experience who’s ready to go all in, build their business, and be get a business boost from the SharQui network! Coaching from the SharQui promotion and retention Business Builder program will help you build a stable, long term client base. SharQui can be taught as all or part of a class. You get the entire kit and caboodle of how to teach SharQui, continuing education, and artistic and athletic mentoring from Oreet, and are eligible to be a member of CREW, providing you with fresh material and inclusion in our promotional calendar. Take the guesswork out of it if you want to earn income.

SharQui is accredited by international fitness professional governing bodies, the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American Aerobics and Fitness Association (AFAA) and (NASM) National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Admission is by application. There is currently a waiting list. Apply here.


When people ask me what I do I say: “I help women and men reach their fitness goals with the Beauty, and Spirit of bellydance along with the Power and Strength of group fitness.”

But what I really want to say is: “I help remind women and men that they are already Beautiful, Strong and that they CAN do it, dammit!”

Hi, I’m Oreet – As you’ve probably guessed, teaching people how to bellydance while getting a workout (and having fun) in a supportive atmosphere is my sweet spot. I’m super-passionate about teaching and able to encourage and challenge participants while still helping them find their way. And when it comes to turning people who thought, I can’t do that! into Oh snap, I really can! or “I’m too fat!” into “Damn I’m fabulous” – I’m the one.