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SharQui instructors can be found all over the world. If you are committed to spreading the word about body-positive healthy living and are good at motivating people, there might be an opportunity waiting for you as a SharQui instructor.

Along with true bellydance in an authentic fitness format, we give our team a proven structure to bring in interested clients, client-retention coaching, and business-development support. You can add a SharQui workout module to your existing format or teach a class that is 100% SharQui. Either way you can benefit from our unique marketing support.

We help you build a successful business (a $3,000 value):

  • Done-for-you, tailored marketing content
  • Marketing bootcamp to grow your online or local business
  • Participation in international promotional events
  • Advertising coaching
  • Social media campaigns
  • Client retention programs
  • Royalty free access to SharQui music for marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn in the SharQui Instructor Certification Training:  

  • Traditional Music vs. Fitness Music
  • How to Count Fitness Music
  • What a Block is
  • Getting into Correct Posture
  • The Rules of Isolation
  • SharQui System of Instruction (SSI)
  • SharQui Stationary & Traveling Movements
  • Class Design
  • Cueing Effectively
  • Holding Patterns
  • Lead Leg Change
  • How to Memorize Routines
  • How to Correct
  • How to Modify
  • Sample Choreography
  • Choreography Worksheet

Here’s what you get with the training:

  • A private Facebook Group with other particpants
  • Manual & Resource Videos
  • T-shirt
  • Video Practical Exam assessment by Oreet
  • Support from Oreet
  • Eligibility to be a member of our CREW network, receive support and certificate
  • 10.0 AFAA, 1.0 NASM CEC’s and 0.9 ACE CEC’s if you are certified fitness instructor 


How do I become a SharQui Instructor?

We encourage you to apply today! You must have a passion for wellness and helping people. You do not need a professional certification to apply as we offer a fully comprehensive training.

Your application should include 1) A description of  your professional and/or personal movement, fitness, dance, and wellness experience AND B)  a cover letter detailing why you are 1) good at motivating people 2) consistent and hardworking 3)  a credible promoter of body-positivity and wellness.

We will reply promptly to let you know if you are a good candidate for SharQui Instructor Training or if we have an alternate recommendation. If you’re approved, we will send you a registration link.

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