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When people ask me what I do I say:

“I help women and men reach their fitness goals with the Beauty, and Spirit of bellydance along with the Power and Strength of group fitness.”

But what I really want to say is:

“I help remind women and men that they are already Beautiful, Strong and that they CAN do it, dammit!”

Hi, I’m Oreet – As you’ve probably guessed, teaching people how to bellydance while getting a workout (and having fun) in a supportive atmosphere is my sweet spot. I’m super-passionate about teaching and able to encourage and challenge participants while still helping them find their way.

And when it comes to turning people who thought, I can’t do that! into Oh snap, I really can! or “I’m too fat!” into “Damn I’m fabulous” – I’m the one.

I’ve got 20+ years of experience as a fitness instructor plus grew up with art form of bellydance and I’ve led packed classes and workshops in the U.S. and Japan.

I’ve been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN to name a few and have the titles Bellydancer of the Year, Jewel of the Nile, Entertainer of the Year and Middle Eastern Dance Champion of North America.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women and men who have found success in meeting their fitness goals as well as discovering this new passion called Bellydance!

And when I’m not teaching classes or mentoring new instructors you can find me working on my new online project, doing yoga, rolling around with my kids and husband Steven, sipping wine and playing with my most adorable French bulldog, Jojo.

If you’ve just GOT to know more, read on. (Get ready, I’m spilling all my secrets)

* I’m obsessed with shows about wedding gowns. I get goosebumps every time.

* I’m living proof that you can look bigger than you are on stage! (Even at 4’10. Shhhh..don’t tell)

* I go through virtuous spurts of trying to drink 1 glass of wine a week but I have 2 kids, so ain’t happening. (Don’t judge)

* SharQui keeps me sane.

So…are you ready to Shake your Beauty and become seriously passionate about it?

Head over here to check out a class near you, or here to do it at home!