It’s Pretty Simple


It’s Pretty Simple

Getting what you want in life might not be easy, but it’s surprisingly simple.  How? With a simple concept…consistency.

Consistency builds trust. Think about any type of relationship you’ve had. When the other person is consistent with support and communication, trust is built. True?

Now consider your current students. When they’re consistent in their efforts, you have more trust they’ll reach their goals. Am I right?

Now, apply that to yourself. If you consistently work towards your goals, you can trust in yourself that you will succeed if you are patient, flexible, and give yourself plenty of time.  

I have been in the dance and fitness industry for more than half my life and I’ve seen careers work and not work. Some of my amazingly talented colleagues have had their fitness or dance careers flounder because of inconsistency in their training, flakey job attendance, and a track record of sporadic, last minute attempts at marketing. Likewise, I’ve been taken aback by the flourishing careers of some dance and fitness pros who started without any glaringly obvious aptitude or advantages, and have flourished instead of floundered because of their tenacity, reliability, and…you guessed it…consistency. 

I promise – no matter how much natural talent you have – if you’re inconsistent – you will not be successful. If you ever worry that your lacking some type of inborn trait or advantage you see in people who’s careers you envy, take heart. What really matters  – no matter your experience, aptitude, or age – is consistency. 

There are many good reasons to being a SharQui instructor, and the income potential is one of them. Marketing above all is one aspect of your business where consistency matters most. Consistentency and modest marketing will get you a stronger and profitable business than big expensive sporadic efforts. If you keep your expenses low and work consistently on marketing, you will reap rewards in the form of a robust, steady, and predictable clientele. 

Here’s some good news: we’ve made it really simple for you to be a marketing whiz. The new SharQui Marketing Module for certified instructors not only gives you the tools to get the word out and the customers in, it also gives you a concrete PLAN so you can make marketing a stress-free and guesswork-free part of your routine.

So stay consistent, the results will follow. 

Here’s to your success – I will be CONSISTENTLY checking in with you to help out any way I can!


P.S. Interested in becoming a SharQui Group Leader? Apply here.

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