Are You A Silent Fan?


Are you a silent fan?

I am.

I have dancers, writers, and business peeps who I follow. I’m a fanatic about their work, and I sometimes buy their stuff too! I gush about their work to colleagues and friends but I rarely “comment” publicly on their blogs or social media posts.


Dunno. Commenting just isn’t my thing. I guess I prefer to obsess quietly and privately.

As you know I’ve been dancing and in business for quite a while now. And to be completely transparent, I don’t get thousands of views or hundreds of comments on social media, so it’s hard to know if what I’m doing truly appeals to people or if my marketing efforts are really working. Ya feel me?

But this past weekend I attended a conference and realized that a huge part of my audience operates the same way I do – silently. Now I’m not gloating (ain’t my style), but quite a few people came up to me saying that they have been watching me for years, love my dance videos, and/or love the concept of SharQui. Now what was really funny was that I would also get stares from people that would start with a surprised and excited look to then a confused face. I know that they were thinking, “OMG that’s Oreet!…and dang, she’s so small but looks so big on stage. How does she do that?” LOL! I get this all the time.

So from this experience, I came to realize that folks actually prefer to connect with me in person, silently, or with a stare, and not publicly on social media. My fans are “silent fans”. And I get it cuz I roll the same way.

I write this because the months (and years) of investing in FB and Instgram ads as well as sponsorship to promote the SharQui brand are proof that it’s working! So here’s my advice folks…

You must invest in YOU.

Remember that any type of paid ad or sponsorship rarely gets you direct results because you’re not paying for sales most of the time – you’re paying for the exposure. It’s about getting a whole new set of eyeballs on you that wouldn’t otherwise have heard about you.

Now you may be thinking, “Ugh, I don’t understand this social media stuff. Where do I start?” Have no fear. If you’re a certified SharQui instructor we help you with marketing and have a marketing module that can help too. But if you’re not SharQui certified (do it asap, lol) then start super simple. You need to do at least the bare-bone minimum to help create a little momentum. And that is…

Tell people what you do.

 If you don’t tell people, there’s no opportunity for people to show interest. So the easiest way is to celebrate your peeps – and that’s by simply sharing their posts. Why? It validates that what you are offering is a thing, and that they should join you. And the quickest thing to say when sharing is, “If joining a group of cool women that love to dance and have fun is something that you want to be part of, then just send me a direct message.” Boom! It’s the easiest way for you to start spreading the word and engage with people.

It’s crucial to treat “teaching” as a business because bottom line, teaching is a sale in exchange of money and your services. Don’t only focus on improving your dance and teaching skills, which is important, but together with dance and teaching, you need to build your business and sales skills too. Things like books, blogs, podcasts, and SharQui’s Marketing Module help if you want to be both successful and sustainable.

So the truth smacks from all of this are:

  • Pull your focus away from “the numbers”. You can have thousands of social media followers but no one actually buys from you or come to a class. Or you could have 50 followers – all of whom want and be a part of everything you do.
  • Inspiring and making an impact on others is an important metric of success.
  • Honor your silent fans and keep serving them without expectation or forcing engagement. So they’re not into PDA – and that’s OK!
  • Shift your expectation when it comes to paid promotion. Think of it as an investment in awareness. Your audience needs to be introduced to you. It won’t work overnight, but it works well.
  • Teaching is a business. Treat it like one.
  • Just start promoting. Even if it’s super simple. The key is to just start!

I’d like to close by saying that it can get hard trying to maintain your business mojo. I’ve felt it. I know. Especially when you see others soaring in their teaching biz. Kinda makes you feel you hold no value with others in the teaching industry. Right? Well let me tell you right now – You absolutely do. That’s the entire reason why I created CREW (for certified SharQui instructors)…so that you know that not only do you belong, but your importance and success is important to us, too. (Click here to apply to become a SharQui Instructor and click  here about all the support we offer as a certified SharQui Instructor and CREW member)

Stay passionate my friends.

Instruct & Inspire,


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