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December 2, 2017

  Refresh When you’re too figgin tired, pissed off, or whatever, to teach —  don’t walk into the studio right away. Even if it will make you a minute late.  Even if it will frustrate your students.  Take it from someone who’s made that mistake too many times. You sound different. You come off cold, or angry, […]

November 2, 2017

How To Teach Your First Class You earned the certification or received the blessing to begin teaching, but for whatever reason, you couldn’t. You’ve practiced the cueing, the movement, the breakdown and the routine (with a few blips), but still couldn’t get your ass in gear to teach an official class.   Well it all […]

October 16, 2017

    How Are You Standing Out?   Question…Are you truly bringing in BIG energy to inspire your current students and have new students coming in?   If you want big things to change, you’ve got to bring big action!   Here are 3 truth smacks you should focus on right away:   Truth Smack […]

September 10, 2017

  No One Showed Up!     It’s the moment that terrorizes instructors more than anything else.   You know the moment. It’s this one:   It’s 10 minutes past and no one f**ing showed up!   Teaching is an emotional rollercoaster ride. It’s easy to get swept up. At times you think wow this is […]

July 9, 2017

    The Beauty of Screwing Up   One of the most powerful things we can do is share.   Our mistakes. Our victories. Our demons. Our two-cents. Our meals. Our stories. It creates a doorway for others to walk through and shout, “Hey, me too!” The result is not only feeling less alone, but […]

July 6, 2017

      Keeping Students Happy   Is there a secret to keeping students happy?   The answer is “YES!”   And it all boils down to one simple idea…   Write this down. Or even better…Share it or Tweet it.   Dude, you can’t make everyone happy. When teaching, focus on making the right […]